Best RC cars in snow

Best RC Cars In Snow


With winter hitting hard this time of the year, driving your RC cars in snow and ice can be a lot of fun, especially if you have the right RC car and take important precautions. However, what are the best RC cars in snow?

It is important to note that not every RC Car is designed to be driven in conditions like ice, snow or a mixture of both. In general, RC cars or trucks that are 4×4 and larger than 1/16 is suitable for snow and winter ice. The type of tire is important, and you would want to look for deep sand paddles. Lastly, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the electronics are waterproofed.

If budget is not an issue, look into buying a snow specific RC car with tracks, but if cost is a factor, a multi-purpose RC car or truck such as a 1/8 scale monster truck or truggy would work fine too.

Here are our recommended top 4 best RC cars in snow.

1. Traxxas Summit: 1/10 Scale 4WD Monster Truck

Traxxas Summit Monster Truck

The Traxxas Summit offers versatility, durability, and off-road capability greater than any other 4WD monster truck on the market, especially in the snow. Equipped with the largest motor of any electric monster truck, the Titan 775, the Summit also comes with an integrated fan that keeps the motor cool for nonstop off-road adventure, and an extra wrap of steel around the can gives you more torque to conquer any climb.

Massive high-traction Canyon AT tires and Geode rims and waterproof electronics make the Traxxas Summit one of the best RC cars in snow.

Another cool feature of the Traxxas Summit is the LED illumination at night. Four bright white LEDs blaze the trail ahead, while six red LEDs show where Summit has been.

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2. Kyosho Blizzard RC Truck

Kyosho Blizzard

Built for the snow and more, the Kyosho Blizzard clears every challenge in its path that would normally trap other RC vehicles.

Powered by two independent side-by-side motors, the Kyosho Blizzard FR Readyset delivers awesome power and free control so you can enjoy running on any terrain like only a true track vehicle can deliver.

With the twin 370 motors and twin KA-17W ESCs, the Kyosho Blizzard can move forward, reverse, turn right/left and pivot on the spot. The plow is also removable so you have the option of leaving it on or taking it off.

One of the cons of the Kyosho Blizzard is the slow speed, but you can always upgrade it to a brushless or install a bigger engine.

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3. Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck

Traxxas Stampede 4x4This high-performance monster truck is know for its legendary ruggedness. The Traxxas Stampede comes with a tall, drive-over-anything ground clearance and ultra-tough, long-arm suspension which is important for driving in snow.

The Traxxas Stampede comes with a Titan® 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor with XL-5 Waterproof ESC, and can go up to 35+ mph.

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4. Traxxas E-Maxx Monster Truck

Traxxas E-MaxxThe monstrous Traxxas E-Maxx comes with 16.8 Volts of waterproof EVX-2 power and dual high-torque Titan motors that conquer the snow! The Traxxas E-Maxx is equipped with waterproof electronics, Revo sealed pivot ball suspension; dual-servo steering, Revo sealed differentials and a new, longer chassis.

The large sealed drive shafts and differentials help to increase torque handling and durability, while the sealed diffs can be fine-tuned with different oil viscosities to adjust the limited-slip action.

The Traxxas E-Maxx is not as durable as other monster trucks, however the parts are cheap and there are tons of aftermarket upgrades available when stuff does break.

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Don’t let winter get in the way of your RC cars hobby just because the temperature takes a plunge, with these best RC cars in snow you’ll never need to stop the fun!

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