Team Associated B6D Buggy Team Kit Review

Team Associated released the B6 and B6D back in June 2016, and the difference between the B6 and the B6D is that the B6D is made for dirt road racing. The B6 offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction, whereas the B6D excels when traction is low to high.

Team Associated B6D 8Today, I review the Team Associated B6D team kit and will share my thoughts on the pros and cons of the Team Associated B6D.

Team Associated B6D Team Kit Features Summary

Team Associated B6D 2

Right out of the box, the kit comes with the aluminum chassis, suspension, and body, and assembly and painting is required.

The included carbon fiber shock towers has a much lower profile than the last car, and the chassis is no longer a 2 piece chassis with a plastic kick up in the front rear. The current chassis is now made of aluminum and is just one piece.

In addition to the team kit, you’ll need the following items to make the vehicle operational:

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Setting Up and Team Associated B6D Review

Team Associated B6D 6

Setting up the Team Associated B6D team kit , I fitted it with a Reedy RT1408 Servo , Hobbywing 3.1 brushless ESC , Reedy LiPo 5300 mAh and a Team Associated 260 Reedy Sonic Motor . I’ve also changed the rear piston, screws and turnbuckles and added wing washers. While everything went together really well, I found the steering link between the server horn and the steering rack to be a little tight.

Team Associated B6D 7

When building the front rear, I would recommend that you use a hand screwdriver and not an electric screwdriver when you are trying to put the screws from the top plate down. You would want to feel when they are at the tightest end.

Jumps and Lands

In terms of performance, the Team Associated B6D jumps and land as well as any of the previous generations. The latest generation feels a lighter than the previous generations, anywhere from 30-40g lighter depending on your set up. The landing was smooth, especially when I landed it at the right angle and could hardly tell that it has landed.

The rear shocks are shorter than the previous generation, although it does not matter as the body is different, the shaft is the same, and the same usable length still applies.

Acceleration and Breaking

Overall, I found the acceleration and breaking to be very good, although as with other 3 gear cars, it does not generate a great grip a 4 gear car would generate. As always with a 3 gear transmission, the breaking was very stable.


The corner speed out of the box is very good, but I would recommend replacing it with the B6D Laydown Transmission for amazing corner speed and lap time. With the B6D Laydown Transmission, you don’t want to be jerking and pitching the car – instead you would want to be smooth on the wheel and on the throttle.


After crashing multiple times, the Team Associated B6D did not break. Of course, time will tell which parts are more likely to break, but I would say that this car is very durable.

After-market Support

Team Associated 1/10 scale vehicles probably have the most well-supported platform in the RC industry. With so many companies that make awesome parts and products for these vehicles, I have no concern when it comes to after-market products for the B6 platform.


In terms of value, I think the Team Associated B6D team kit offers a great value for the money in terms of metal and plastic parts. The chrome plated turnbuckles, the ball cups, aluminum front and rear hexes, aluminum shock standoffs, pistons that screw down into gold coated shock shafts – Team Associated has given a lot of attention to details for this team kit.

Team Associated B6D 9 Team Associated B6D 10Team Associated B6D 11


When you buy a Team Associated B6D , you are getting a car that is lighter right out of the box, and you wouldn’t need to spend more money trying to make it lighter. It is also easy to tune the car and adapt it to different tracks because it has got lots of adjustability built in.

Whether it is changing the pills and C and D blocks to make the pivot narrower, or whether it is keeping a fully built laydown transmission on hand so you can simply unbolt the old transmission and bolt a new transmission, the adjustability of the Team Associated B6D really shines through.

If you race often and on different surfaces and you need a super tunable car, then the Team Associated B6D offers the best value.

Team Associated nails it with this team kit, from the value to the set up to the performance.

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