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How to Carbon Fiber Prep Your RC Car

Guide On – How To Carbon Fiber Prep Your RC Car

Many people often neglect the process of prepping the carbon fiber parts of the RC vehicles, however prepping and sealing the edges of carbon fiber parts prolongs the life and reduces the possibility of delamination of the carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is used for all types of parts, from the chassis to shock towers, as carbon fiber is both lightweight and strong and keeps race cars fast and nimble. Carbon fiber is essentially tiny layers of plastic that are held together with a polymer and stacked on top of each other until the desired thickness is obtained.

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The downfall of layering is that the layers can de-laminate during a crash or hard impact with the ground. This is why it is important to seal up the carbon fiber edges so that the carbon fiber layers don’t start to de-laminate.

Whenever you are running a RC car with carbon fiber parts, especially in an off-road environment, you definitely want to seal up the edges of all of the carbon fiber parts that will be hit.

It is recommended that you complete this procedure BEFORE you build your vehicle.

Items That You Will Need

Before beginning the project, make sure you are in an open area with good ventilation! If water comes in contact with the glue, it will speed up the hardening process but will also create a fume that will irritate your eyes and nose. Let the carbon parts dry completely before applying the glue.

Step One: Sand The Edges

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Proceed to remove the items that are close to the shock tower, for instance, lay down the shocks to move it away from the shock tower.

Take the sandpaper and proceed to sand the edges of the shock tower.

Less is more when sanding the edges of the carbon fiber shock tower. The goal is to just sand the edges off and get it to a smooth surface for when you do apply the CA glue.

Sanding the edges creates a little more bonding surface area for the glue to settle on, and the most important part to sand down is across the top of the shock mounts. Blow off all residue dust after sanding.

Step Two: Apply The Glue

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I like to use the ProLine 603100 Pro-Bond Tire Glue because it has the right consistency of a thin gel substance. Proceed to lay a small line of glue across the edge of a carbon fiber part.

You can either apply the CA glue by evenly spreading the glue around the edges using a cotton swab, or by applying the CA glue directly onto the part. Less is more when it comes to the amount of glue; you don’t want to over apply too much glue that it starts to drip.

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Next, use the Xacto knife or a Q-Tip to spread the glue evenly across the surface.

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Step Three: Set Aside To Dry

Proceed to set the glued parts aside to dry. Once dry, you can then continue assembling your vehicle.


And that’s all you need to do to protect your carbon fiber parts. Now that you know how to carbon fiber prep your RC car, you can ensure that the carbon fiber sides are always protected during crashes and hard landings.

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