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Arrma Outcast 6S Brushless Stunt Truck Review

Here is a mini review on the Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck.

Arrma Outcast 6S Brushless Stunt Truck Features Summary

The Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Stunt Truck is a RTR. Out of the box, it comes with everything you need to get it running on day one, however, you do have to supply your own 4 AA batteries for the remote and 4 to 6S LiPo batteries.

Arrma Outcast 3Setting Up and Arrma Outcast Review

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Let’s start with the positives of the Arrma Outcast. The first thing that blew me was how fast the Arrma Outcast was. If you use 6S LiPo batteries, this monster truck hits 60 mph and is dangerously fast. This truck is definitely built for speed.

Arrmas Outcast 9Next, the Arrma Outcast has the same chassis as the Typhon 1/8-scale buggy which gives it a short wheelbase. Combined with the lengthened Talion/Kraton arms, the truck is super wide and super short, which makes it very nimble. This monster truck turns on a dime and is very controllable in the air.

Arrma Outcast 11Thirdly, the stock tires have great grip and are probably one of the best stock tires I’ve seen to date on a RTR.

The Arrma Outcast is also very durable, although I did have a couple of breakages during my runs. This truck was flipped, launched, and landed without any of the plastics breaking, although I did break my rear chassis brace and bend a rear dogbone. This truck definitely took a beating.

Arrma Outcast 12The Arrma Outcast has a nice battery tray that now accommodates a new way of putting batteries in the battery compartment. You now have full clamping down of the batteries.

Arrma Outcast 13Arrma Outcast 14The wheelie bar is mounted super high on the wings, and gives you a “get back down to Earth” feature. It lets you keep on driving without flipping over even with all the power that the Arrma Outcast has.

Arrma Outcast 15Arrma Outcast 16The last thing that I like about the Arrma Outcast is the parts availability. This truck uses a multitude of different parts from different Arrma vehicles, which meant that I had no issues finding replacement parts.

Here are some of the negatives of the Arrma Outcast. Firstly, I did not like the looks of the Arrmas Outcast. Obviously, this is subjective as there are people who do like how the Arrmas Outcast looks. It resembles an early truck vehicle from the 60s and I did not like those vehicles.

Secondly, I don’t think the truck needs a wing as it is a monster truck. While the wings help with traction by lowering the back of the vehicle during serious high speed runs when you are hitting 60 mph, it does get in the way during normal runs.

Arrmas Outcast 3Thirdly, the servo has some decent specs but it was slow. As for the servo mount, it wiggles around and might have affected the servo.

Arrmas Outcast 5Arrmas Outcast 6

Lastly, the back flip wheels are almost a direct copy of the Pro-Line Badlands tires. While it is slightly larger than the Badlands, the thread patterns are almost exactly the same. While I am not saying that these tires don’t work, I did not like that they are an almost direct copy of the Badlands tires.

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After listing out the positives and negatives of the Arrma Outcast , I definitely think that the Arrma Outcast is a great truck to get. It is fun to drive, has lots of traction, super fast, and it brought smiles to faces while I was driving it.

The Arrma Outcast has everything from agility to nimbleness of a 1/8 scale buggy with a width of a truggy to the wheels and tires of a monster truck.

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