Traxxas LaTrax Rally 1/18 RTR Review

The Traxxas LaTrax 1/18 Rally incorporates precision and performance into a compact and incredibly affordable model that goes with you anywhere and is ready for fun in an instant.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally RTR Features Summary

The Traxxas LaTrax Rally was the first vehicle that LaTrax came out with back in 2013. This is a 4 wheel rally car and it comes with 2.4GHz Radio, ESC, NiMH Battery, charger, 4 AA batteries, and an instruction manual. All of the electronics are waterproof although the instructions do mention that they are more water-resistant than waterproof.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally 1

The remote is a tried and tested Traxxas remote and it has been around for a while now. The remote is not a fancy remote and it does not have many options (you can make adjustments to the steering trim but not to the steering rate), but it gets the job done and is a pretty decent remote for this price point.

Out of the box, the wheels spring back into place due to the servo saver and the servo is very stiff. The wheels feel very slick, although there don’t seem to be firm inserts in the wheels and the side walls feel a little hard.

The stock suspensions and springs are not oil filled shocks, although you can upgrade them to oil shocks.

Setting Up and Traxxas LaTrax Rally Review

The Traxxas LaTrax Rally looks small but it packs a punch with an ultra-quick motor and nimble handling. Aesthetically, the body is beautiful and everything you can ask for in a rally car.

The Traxxas LaTrax Rally has good tunability options. There are three different mounting positions on the shock towers for your shocks, however, there are no optional positions on the A-arms. You only angle the shocks based on the position on the shock towers.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally 3

The car sits very low to the ground, so be careful where you run it. You can raise the body up a little but you can’t really lower the body further.

The Traxxas LaTrax Rally is shaft driven, and the motor is mounted from nose to tail. The problem with a shaft drive and a motor that is mounted from nose to tail is that when you try to drift, it drifts better one way than the other.


The Traxxas LaTrax Rally drives very well, partly due to the tunability options available. You can easily upgrade the shocks and shock towers to aluminum shocks and shock towers, replace with brushless, LiPo batteries and use ball bearings.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally 4

It has a good and tight turning circle and is able to hold a nice drift, although it does take a little practice to get the drifting right. Punching the throttle constantly will put a lot of strain on some components as it does not have a slipper clutch.

Traxxas LaTrax Rally 2I found the speed to be pretty good too, hitting 20 mph during a speed test.

The steering servo is a micro-steering servo and it comes with a servo saver. You can turn the wheels without actually turning the servo.

The downside is that there is a lot of slop in the steering and a lot of play in the rear wheels. The assembly quality of the Traxxas LaTrax Rally is not the best, but the quality of the plastics and the durability of the vehicle is good.


The Traxxas LaTrax Rally is a lot of fun to drive and it is a great car for first-time buyers or just for driving around indoors. This car is versatile and durable, and there are many upgrade options available.

It is pretty quick in the stock form and reaches 26 mph, although you can easily make it faster with upgrades. The car drifts well on hardwood or polished floor and is great for off road racing, although it does not have enough clearance to perform well with bumps.

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