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Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless Review

The Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless is a 4WD 1/8th scale Monster Truck with some great features. In this review, we will be reviewing the Arrma Nero 6S with diff brain. Arrma does have a different version of the Nero without the diff brain function.

Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless Features Summary

The Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless monster truck has some great features like remote actuated locking differentials dubbed “Diff Brain”, Twin Vertical Plate chassis, Cantilever Shocks and the all new Aluminum Splined Universal Driveshafts on all 6 points.

In 2015, Arrma amazed us with all of the new platforms such as the Typhon, the Talion, the Kraton, the Senton – all capable of 6S. The Arrma Nero completes the platform as a huge 6S monster truck.

In terms of size, the Arrma Nero might be 1/8 scale but it is definitely much larger than other 1/8 scale monster trucks and buggys.

Diff Brain

The diff brain basically locks out all the differentials or of your choosing, so you can lock out just the center, just the rear, just the front or any combination. The remote is a very nice tactic remote where you can actually lock those diffs from the remote.


The Arrma Nero 6S BLX monster truck comes with instruction manuals with details on locking/unlocking the differentials and information on the array of optional parts that are available.

The minimum range for the batteries required is 3000mAH and 35C and Arrma recommends using at least 4000mAH and 35C battery to run this vehicle. You can either use 2 x 2S LiPo or 2 x 3S LiPo batteries.

You get some spare pinions, servo horn, pistons, spacers for the pivot ball suspension, extra skid plate for crawling, screws and a whole of tools. They also provide a set of polarized XT-90 connectors which lets you attach these to either your batteries or you can make charge leads for these.

Arrma Nero 1Lastly, the TTX300 2.4GHz 3-channel with Diff Lock Control System remote lets you easily adjust the diffs settings with a simple turn on the clickwheel. The remote runs on 4 AA batteries.

Arrma Nero 2

Setting Up and Arrma Nero 6S BLX Review

Arrma Nero 3The overall appearance of the Arrma Nero 6S monster truck is just absolutely amazing. This monster truck is the top end of their offerings and it definitely shows. Of course, being a 1/8 scale monster truck means that it is massive. It has 3.8 inch wheels and the overall length and width of the truck is huge at 11.25″ x 24.25″ x 19.5“.

As a new platform for Arrma, the Arrma Nero is a brand new design unlike the others. Under the body lies a really cool structure design. Once you remove the chassis, you will notice that this is done on a twin vertical plate chassis, so there are two aluminum plates running vertically on the chassis.

The Arrma Nero has a huge amount of suspension all the way to the bottoms out and all the way up to the up-travel. It has lay-down shocks in the front and rear, which makes it similar to the E-Revo.

Arrma Nero 4Arrma Nero 5The Arrma Nero 6S BLX has a new Hobbywing 200A ESC, which is bigger than the Kraton, Typhon, Talion which use the 180A/185A ESC. The motor is a 2000Kv motor which is very torquey and powerful to drive, and the aluminum shocks come with super thick springs. I would recommend upgrading the servo to something that is up in the 300+ of torque and a 0.8 sec transit time.

What is really unique about the Arrma Nero 6S are the battery trays. They act like saddle packs on both sides and has a cool feature that lets you release the battery trays and insert your battery with a push of a button. However, landing from tall heights might cause the battery doors to open by themselves.

Arrma Nero 6The wheels ride on pillow ball suspension on all four corners, so you do have adjustable turnbuckles on the steering but otherwise the camber and the pivot are done by the pillow ball suspension.


The Arrma Nero 6S is fun to drive and it performs very well on any type of asphalts and on a loose pack soil. The tires are dBoots sand scorpion design and it has good grips.

While the Arrma Nero is designed for off-road use, there weren’t any issues running it on-road. In fact, it was a lot of fun driving the Arrma Nero on-road, and its massive power made it easy to pull wheelies. However, it tends to flip over on its lid when you give it too much trigger as it doesn’t have a wheelie bar.

On grass, this monster truck performed very well especially with all 3 diffs locked. It drives well through tall grass, and only started slowing down when the grass was around 5″ tall.


The Arrma Nero turns corners very well, especially when compared to the other monster trucks in its class. It does not lean way too much, although it does not have the corner speed of the Arrma Kraton. With all 3 diffs unlock, you can expect the Arrma Nero to easily turn corners.

Acceleration and Jumps

This monster truck hits the road fast especially with a 6S LiPo battery. That said, it is a lot easier to drive on 4S. At 6S, you’ll do most of the driving at partial throttle because 6S gives you an insane amount of speed and power.

It is also made for big jumps with its big tires, big suspension and power. Taking off was easy and you could give it a little gas to raise the nose or tap the brake to lower it in the air. The suspension soaked up the landings, and the Arrma Nero probably is the best jumping truck in its class.


I ran, jumped and crashed the Arrma Nero to its maximum at a 6S LiPo, and am glad that the Arrma Nero held up very well and only had several minor breakages. One of the cantilevers pulled completely out of the rod end, and I just had to screw it back. I would say that the Arrma Nero is very durable and can withstand major abuse to the truck.


The Arrma Nero 6S BLX Brushless has all the features I want in a monster truck. It has a 4 wheel drive, adjustable differentials, a huge amount of suspension, huge wheels and tires, and an amazing appearance.

I’ve found the diff brain to be well worth the extra money and it was fun having the ability to play with the diffs settings.

If you are looking for a monster truck with big power, then the Arrma Nero 6S BLX monster truck would be our top recommendation.

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