Team Associated T5M Stadium Truck Review

Team Associated T5M Stadium Truck Review

For my Team Associated T5M stadium truck setup, I used a Reedy servo, Reedy Blackbox ESC, and Reedy 17.5 stock motor. Most of what I used in my setup came with the kit, although I did make some changes to it.

There are also two other changes that I made to this stadium truck – I would change the springs depending on the surface I am racing on, and I also placed a 3 gear transmission in it.



The build went really good with the exception of one thing: the ball cups were really tight. You would need to pop them off, bend them and tweak them and it would help a little with the tightness. You shouldn’t have to do that, but doing so would make a difference. If you are lucky, you might end up getting a kit with perfect ball cups, if not, just apply the method above or call Team Associated for help.

Team Associated T5M 1

Another issue is with the front steering blocks. This truck was designed to have inserts so you can control how much trail there is in the front axle. These inserts would allow the axle to go from 2.. to 4mm of trail in 1mm increments towards or away from the king pin.

While this is a great idea in theory to allow for more adjustability with less cost involved for the truck owner, plastics can shrink in the injection mold and you will very likely end up with inserts wriggling around inside the steering block. I recommend gluing the inserts in the steering block.

Team Associated T5MI decided to leave it at 4mmm trail for this set of steering blocks, lined everything up and used tire glue to glue those inserts in.


Just like every other stadium truck, the Team Associated T5M comes with a 4 gear transmission and thus its acceleration and braking are good but not great. But the one thing that sets the Team Associated T5M apart from all the other platforms is that you can put a 3 gear transmission in it.

Using a 3 gear transmission takes the Team Associated T5M from good to great, with a faster acceleration and improved braking as it is more stable and consistent.

Thus, I don’t think the Team Associated T5M is leaps and bounds better than any other stadium truck out of the box, however, the performance improves greatly and has an edge over the rest once you have a 3 gear transmission in it.

Jumping and Landing

The Team Associated T5M jumps and lands really well and consistent. I had no issues at all controlling the truck to perform the jumps and lands.

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The Team Associated T5M corners very good and perhaps too aggressive out of the box. I did notice though that the Team Associated T5M corners differently than the other trucks I have driven because it has a shorter arm that makes it respond quicker and drives a little more stable, although there is a tendency to slide on low grip surfaces.


The Team Associated T5M is really durable and I did not break anything despite some bad hits. I would consider the durability of this stadium truck to be really good, if not great.


As far as money is concerned, I don’t know if you get the most value in the box for this kit. This truck doesn’t come with wheels and you can’t make it rear motor, whereas the Losi and Kyosho trucks come with wheels.

The strength of owning a Team Associated vehicle is the sponsorship driver network that Team Associated has. No other companies have the following and a stronger sponsorship driver network than Team Associated, and there is a great aftermarket support.


I would recommend getting the Team Associated T5M , especially if you are driving on medium to high grip surfaces or if you are a stock racer as you can get a 3 gear transmission and other aftermarket parts for better performance.

However, if you are a die-hard outdoor racer or a mod racer, you may want to consider getting the Losi 22T 2.0 stadium truck kit instead just because it is easier to drive.

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