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RC Racing Tips: 3 Tips For Racing RC Mod

There has been a lot of controversy about the difference of racing RC stock vs racing RC mod and when to make the change. Here are 3 quick tips on the mods to make to make your RC car faster and easier to control.

3 Tips For Racing RC Mod

Tip 1: Motor down

The first thing I do is to motor down or to limit the motor on the radio. There are a lot of different ways you can do this, but if you don’t have a motor to put less motor in, turn down the EPA on your radio.

If you really need that top end speed or all the throttle for the motor, turn down the expo on the radio. When you use negative exponential, you can drive more towards the middle or back of the throttle.

In general, when done correctly, this will make your car so much easier to drive and you don’t have to give up top speed.

Tip 2: Add some weight to the car

This might seem counter-intuitive and everyone wants the lightest car possible, and there is no question that lighter cars get into and out of corners quicker. However, many top pros add weight to their cars because it makes their cars easier to drive.

If you are going to add weight, you want to add it as low down the chassis as you can. Generally speaking, middle to back towards the battery or the motor is where you would want to add the extra weight.

Adding extra weight will make the car land not as good as without the weight, but it will be easier to control on the track.

Tip 3: Back your slipper off a little

Even on high grip surfaces, many people still tend to run slippers that are really tight. They would turn out of a throttle, yank the throttle, and the wheels will come up really aggressively.

You want to be able to yank on that throttle, so back that slipper off just so the car stops or barely carries the wheels. The car will become a little more consistent under braking and it won’t be so aggressive on those high traction situations.

Of course, on lower traction situations, the car will generate more forward drive and less wheel spin.


With these 3 tips for racing RC mod, there is a good chance your mod car will go faster and so much easier to drive.

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