Tekno EB48.3 1/8 Electric Buggy Review

Tekno EB48.3 1/8 Electric Buggy Review

The Tekno EB48.3 is the latest version of Tekno’s E-Buggy. The kit comes with a really nice molded wing, some oils (5000, 450, 400 CST), the traditional EB48 body, side guards, shocks, diffs, the chassis, and the instruction manual. This buggy is sold as a kit and requires additional electronic components to complete.

Tekno EB48.3 1For the electronics setup, I am using the Xpert SN-5401 brushless servo, Tekin RX8 Gen 2 brushless ESC , and a Tekin T8 1900Kv motor which has a lot of power and yet quiet.

Tekno EB48.3 2Build

I had a really great build with this kit. The components, fit and finish were very good and the build was very organized with the 1 bag, 1 step organization method. I did hit a small snag with the inner hinge pin in the back as it wouldn’t go all the way through the arm without some bind. You can work the inner hinge pin by using a 4mm arm reamer .

I love that the Tekno EB48.3 buggy has a split center diff. With a split center diff, you don’t have to rip the center diff out just to change the center diff fluid.

Tekno EB48.3 3

The new shocks and shock geometry on this generation of car are bigger than other cars and are also mounted much further out on the arm than a lot of the other cars. I love that Tekno is innovating and having longer shocks allow for more up-travel and more droop while being able to move the shock contact point on the arm. This might help control the piston speed and pack.

When you build this kit, you will notice that there are 4 shock hole pistons as opposed to a lot of the 8 hole or 6 hole that the other kits are using.


The Tekno EB48.3 buggy jumps and lands well, and it throttles and brakes really well especially with all the horsepower and it being a 4WD vehicle. RC cars with bodies that tend to be more narrow like the Tekno EB48.3 are also easier to roll in the air by turning the wheels. So if you like to whip the car or throw the car around in the air, you will have a lot of fun jumping the Tekno EB48.3.

When it comes to acceleration and braking, all electronic buggies are heavier than their nitro counterpart and have a lot more horsepower too. Now they don’t have adjustable brake bias like they do in the nitro cars, but they do have a ton of traction and speed which enables them to accelerate like bullets and stop really well too.

Tekno EB48.3 4

The Tekno EB48.3 buggy is aggressive when cornering especially when compared to Mugen, Kyosho or Team Associated cars. If you are planning on racing this buggy on higher grip track, you should consider thickening up the diff oils. The diff oils that come with the kit are really good for a medium grip track, but on high grip tracks, the Tekno EB48.3 buggy can be hard to hang on to.

Overall, the Tekno EB48.3 buggy really shines on smoother, tighter high grip tracks due to the nature of the steering and how aggressive it can be.


The Tekno EB48.3 buggy is one of the most durable vehicles I’ve driven and it is built like a tank. Despite doing some monster jumps, dirty landings, and some other beatings, this buggy remains undamaged. I’ve seen some others breaking their shock towers on this buggy, but overall this is a very durable car.


For the price you pay for the Tekno EB48.3 buggy, the plastics and metals are of great quality. It has a great build, great durability, and has an amazing performance.

When it comes to the global Tekno network and support, there are more places and shops these days carrying Tekno parts. If there is a weakness of the Tekno cars, it is that there isn’t a huge aftermarket following for this car. 1/8 scale tend to have a less aftermarket than 1/10 scale, although Pro-Line, JConcepts and some other companies do make bodies for it. Tekno also makes upgraded servo horns and other parts.

That said, there really isn’t a load that this buggy really needs though. Overall, I found the value of the Tekno EB48.3 buggy to be very good.


Tekno is doing great innovation with their work and the Tekno EB48.3 buggy is a solid, durable car that has great performance. It feels like you get a lot for your money with this car as the components and material are of high quality.

The car handles pretty well right out of the box, although I would use aftermarket oils instead of the kit oils. The Tekno EB48.3 buggy is most suited for smoother surfaces and would do very well indoor.

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