Mid Motor vs Rear Motor

RC Driving Tip: Mid Motor vs Rear Motor

Mid Motor vs Rear Motor RC Cars

Mid-motor cars

Most of the time, pros will say that there is no need for rear motor cars anymore. The downside with mid-motor cars is the setup window is a much narrower window to find a combination that is just right. The setup has to be just right for any given track for the car to be really fast.

Mid motor car takes less effort to start sliding, however, it stops sliding more quickly and in less distance.

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Rear motor cars

Most rear motor cars have much wider windows, but they never seem to develop as much speed on most surfaces.

They have a much larger pendulum effect when sliding, and it will take more effort to start sliding, and once it is sliding it will also take longer to stop sliding and regain forward momentum.

How to run a mid motor vs rear motor

Here is the difference between driving a mid motor RC car versus driving a rear motor RC car. We all know that mid-motor cars are supposed to carry more corner speed, and indeed they do.

When you are driving a rear motor car, you would want to drive it into the corner, hit the brake and park it, and then you drive it out of the corner.

Mid-motor cars, on the other hand, are more like a Formula One car. You want to pick an apex and you would want the car to roll through and around the corner. If you start sliding your mid-motor car,  you would start scrubbing speed which defeats the purpose of running a mid-motor car.

To run a mid-motor car,  you would want to run it with a little bit more steering, whereas you want to run it with less steering with a rear motor car because you are going to use the brake.


The mid-motor car does take a little more getting used to as it is more responsive and arguably a harder car to drive. It is, however, faster on the tracks and requires less effort for cornering.

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