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Traxxas Summit Review: 1/10 4WD Monster Truck

I’ve owned the Traxxas Summit monster truck for around 3 years now since Traxxas first launched the Summit. Overall, this is a super versatile RC truck with locking differentials, 2-speed transmission and more. Here is my Traxxas Summit review and my take on this 1/10 4WD monster truck.

Traxxas Summit Review: Features Summary

The Traxxas Summit 1/10 4WD monster truck comes with the waterproof 16.8V EVX-2 ESC that powers the Titan 775 motor, the largest motor in its class.

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This truck has transmitter-operated locking front and rear differentials and a high/low transmission, LED illumination for lighting up the road at night, massive high-traction Canyon AT tires and Geode rims, and the TQi 2.4GHz transmitter.

Traxxas Summit review 4Traxxas Summit Review: Performance


As mentioned, the Traxxas Summit monster truck is a very versatile truck. I have driven it through snow, grass, and trails, and the Traxxas Summit performs well through all types of terrain. The truck has waterproof electronics and there was no problem driving it through a puddle of water (and lots of fun too!).

Traxxas Summit review 2Traxxas Summit review 3The Traxxas Summit has a huge ground clearance, especially when compared to the other rock crawlers and monster trucks. The high ground clearance is mostly helped by the inboard suspension.

Yet, despite the high ground clearance, the Traxxas Summit has a high center of gravity and does not flip over easily.


The Traxxas Summit monster truck is not known for its speed, and it is not as fast as the brushed E-Maxx, for example. Instead, it excels on the trail and over huge objects. The Traxxas Summit can reach a top speed of 20 mph when in high gear.

The Traxxas Summit requires two 7-cell NiMH or two 2-cell LiPo batteries, but using 3S LiPo batteries isn’t worthwhile since this truck is not made for speed.


The Traxxas Summit has a massive amount of suspension and it is designed to go over really large obstacles. If you love doing jumps in the air, you will love driving the Traxxas Summit! This truck handles jumps very well and its suspension absorbs the shocks and bumps flawlessly.


The Traxxas Summit isaimed at a more technical crowd who wants to run trails and lock diffs. It changes gearing and lock wheels for better crawling, has amazing suspension and absorbs shocks very well.

If you plan on doing lots of off-road trails, climbing, and lower speeds, the Traxxas Summit is the truck for you.

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