Team Losi 5IVE T AVC RTR Review

Team Losi 5IVE T AVC Features

The Losi 5ive T AVC 4WD RTR short course truck is a massive mean machine. Measuring at 41.9×22.7×18 inches and weighing 40 pounds, this truck is loud, heavy, fast, and big, and it can take a mean beating. If you are familiar with the DBXL, you will find the Losi 5ive T AVC to be very similar to work with.

The difference between this version and the older truck are a 2-stroke 29CC Dynamite Gas Engine, an AVC technology (Active Vehicle Control) enabled 2.4 GHz receiver, a LiPo receiver pack and a couple of other things. It also comes with Dual Giant 1/5 scale servos, waterproof electronics, and the included Spektrum DX2E transmitter.

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The Spektrum DX2E transmitter was a bit of a disappointment as it felt rather cheap and basic in my hands.There is only a single switch for you to use to control the truck, which doesn’t give you enough options to play around with. Thankfully, there is the option of upgrading the transmitter to a 4-channel remote that gives you more control and allow you to fine tune the steering and throttle the AVC individually.

Losi 5IVE T AVCThey also included two stroke oil and to prep the truck, you would need to charge the battery of the transmitter, buy some gas, mix it with the provided motor oil, and pour it into the tank.

The body is a 5mm chassis with CNC machining for strength and less weight. When you take off the body, you will see that it is essentially a 1/8 scale enlarged to a 1/5 scale truck.

Losi 5IVE T AVC 4Losi 5IVE T AVC 1The coiled-over big bore shocks are huge, and the suspension arms are thick and come with extended arms to compensate for the huge tires.

Losi 5IVE T AVC 2Losi 5IVE T AVC 3

Team Losi 5IVE T AVC Review

Losi 5IVE T AVC 5Cornering

Despite the monstrous size, the Losi 5ive T AVC is a lot more nimble than you would think. It likes to roll and twist, and it felt like I was driving a couch on those corners. However, you can get it around really tight corners. You just have to get into the corner, let go of the gas and let the truck roll, and it will go pretty much anywhere you will want.


This is a big, heavy truck and it doesn’t really need stability when it comes to bumps and jumps. Unlike other vehicles, the AVC technology helps the Losi 5ive T AVC truck with countering sliding on turns or sliding around on loose surfaces.

The AVC technology adds stability to your truck, counter-steers for you, and works the trottle a little too to keep the truck pointed where you want it to go, no matter what the conditions are.


Thanks to the LiPo battery and the 29CC engine, there is now more power in the servos and this truck is much faster than the last version. I thought the 29CC engine was going to give it a lot more punch than the last version, but I felt that it didn’t improve the power as much as I would imagine a 29CC engine would provide.


This mean truck survived the bashings, jumps, and crashes it took without breaking apart. Despite nose-diving the Losi 5ive T AVC truck, smashing it into trees, the truck got away with just scratches on the chassis. The parts and components are made from high-quality plastics and metals, and this truck is made to last.


The Losi 5ive T AVC truck now comes with more power in the servos, better steering, and a little better braking than before. It is quite an investment initially, but the quality and the performance you get is well worth the high price tag.

I wish it came with the ability to reverse, but to be honest, it wasn’t a problem because this truck drifts and turns the opposite direction easily with an efficient steering control. I would recommend upgrading the controller to a better controller with more options.

Overall, I had a lot of fun driving this monster truck and it was well worth the purchase.

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