Losi Ten MT review 8

Losi Ten MT Review

The Losi Ten-MT 1/10 4WD monster truck is based off the Losi SCBE 4WD buggy, except with more plastic components. Here is the Losi Ten MT review and our thoughts on this monster truck.

Losi Ten MT RTR Monster Truck Features

Losi Ten-MT review 5The Losi Ten-MT 1/10 4WD monster truck comes with the AVC technology (Active Vehicle Control) which adds stability to your truck, counter-steers for you, and works the trottle a little too to keep the truck pointed where you want it to go, no matter what the conditions are.

It features a Dynamite® Fuze™ 3800Kv brushless motor and 130A ESC, allowing it to reach 50+ Mph when you use the optional 3S LiPo battery. The Losi Ten-MT RTR also comes with 12mm shock absorbers, oil-filled differentials, DX2E 2.4GHz radio transmitter, waterproof electronics, and perhaps my least favorite item, a bottom load battery tray.

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Losi Ten MT Review

Build and Features

The Losi Ten-MT is made up of plastic components, although I did not have any issues with the plastics.

I did not like the stock tires that came with the Losi Ten-MT and replaced them with my Stampede 4×4 tires and wheels. It was also more difficult to find 14mm hex wheels to replace the stock tires as compared to 12mm hex wheels which are more common and different tire selections are easier to find.

Losi Ten-MT review 4I also did not like the battery tray which you have to open from the bottom. To get to the bottom tray, you would still need to take the body off and plug in the connector through to the bottom.

The Losi Ten-MT had some overheating issues, especially with the stock wheels, tires, 42 spur gear, and a 16 tooth pinion gear – which is the same gear ratio Losi uses for their 1/8th scale buggy and is too high for the 3800Kv motor the Losi Ten-MT uses.

Losi Ten-MT review 6Losi Ten-MT review 7Handling

The Losi Ten-MT handles very well especially when you replace the stock tires and wheels with better ones. With the AVC technology switched on, it was easy handling and getting the truck to go where I wanted it to go.


With the use of 3S LiPo battery, the Losi Ten-MT has good speed although the run time is a little short at 8 – 10 minutes run time on a 5000 mAh battery.

Losi Ten-MT review 3Durability

As mentioned, the Losi Ten-MT is made of plastic components, which are pretty durable except for the shock caps. The plastics used for the shock caps felt very weak and it broke after I did a mild flip. I would recommend that you upgrade the shock caps to the aluminum version.

Losi Ten MT Review Conclusion

Overall, the Losi Ten-MT 1/10 4WD monster truck is a decent monster truck but it is definitely not my favorite truck. There are several features and flaws that I did not like, but this truck does perform, handles and jumps well.

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