Team Associated B64D

Team Associated B64D 1/10 Buggy Review

The much anticipated Team Associated B64D buggy is finally here, and here is our review of this 1/10th buggy.

Team Associated B64D 1/10 Buggy Features

The Team Associated B64D 1/10 4WD electric off-road buggy kit comes with:

  • 7075 hard-anodized narrow aluminum chassis with lightweight plastic side guards
  • Aluminum/carbon fiber floating servo mount
  • 12mm aluminum drive hexes in both front and rear
  • Stiff and lightweight 4mm thick carbon fiber shock towers
  • B6 generation ball cups and turnbuckles
  • V2 12mm big bore threaded aluminum shocks with TiN shock shafts
  • Center gear differential
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars

With the suspension, I would tune the rear spring and run a heavier rear spring when I wanted more steering. For the pistons and oil, I ran them out of the kit.

Team Associated B64D 4

For electronics, I outfitted my Team Associated B64D with the Reedy 510R Blackbox ESC which is by far my favorite Reedy speed control, a Schuur Speed 13.5T motor, a BK Servos DS-7002HV servo, Reedy Zappers 4800 mAh battery, and the MIP Puck System 13.5.

With the plastic gears, the diffs and the MIP Puck System, the Team Associated B64D becomes a bullet for the first 10-15 ft exiting some of the tight corners, especially if you are running in a 13.5 or lower horsepower class.

Team Associated B64D 2Team Associated B64D 3

Team Associated B64D 1/10 Buggy Review


In general, the build went pretty good except for the need to modify one part. The screws that go into the diff cases are very tight, and it even tells you so in the manual and to add black grease to the screws.

If you are thinking of building the Team Associated B64D with titanium screws, I would recommend that you build it first with the steel screws and the black grease, then move to the titanium screws because you don’t want to ruin brand new titanium screws.

The fit and finish was good, and I only had to modify the front arm. When I tightened down the front a-block to finish up the front end, the arms would bind a little and thus I had to shorten the cord length.

Overall, I loved the build experience.


Acceleration and Braking: Team Associated B64D is very good when it comes to acceleration and braking. The car is very controllable and stable especially with a powerful modified motor installed. While out of the box the acceleration and braking is really good, adding plastic diffs and the MIP Puck System made a huge difference when exiting out of corners.

Jumping and Landing: With the right setup, there is no doubt that the Team Associated B64D jumps and lands better than its predecessor, the Team Associated B44.3. It was very easy to manipulate the car in the air, then set it down exactly the way I wanted and the car absorbed the landings very well.

Cornering: Cornering is where the speed on the track comes from, and in order to go fast in a corner, you need to have a lot of steering. The Team Associated B64D comes with a front sway bar, and it was easy to adjust the amount of steering to what I wanted. This car develops plenty of corner speed and goes super fast.


When compared to its predecessor, the Team Associated B44.3, the Team Associated B64D is definitely more durable. However, it is not as durable as the other kits in the market and I would consider the durability to be just average.

I had the front arms snapped off and the ball caps in the front and rear ripped apart, although Team Associated is currently working on improving the durability of these parts.


The value of the Team Associated B64D is very good. Team Associated has the best parts availability and global support, and the kit comes with many parts that other kits do not come with – aluminum A, B, C, D blocks, front wheel sway bar, aluminum hexes, the new chrome turnbuckles, and carbon fiber shock towers. However, I did wish the kit came with wheels.


The aftermarket for this car is already huge, and many companies offer aftermarket parts. While you don’t really need a ton of parts for this car, but if you are planning on running a 4WD 13.5 buggy, I would highly recommend that you should at least invest in the plastic gears that go in the diffs, which will save you around 9 to 10 grams per diff. If you have the budget, you should consider getting the MIP aluminum puck system.


Overall, I think the Team Associated B64D is a very good car. The kit is of great value for the money you pay, it comes with a huge aftermarket support in terms of parts and support, and the performance was exceptional especially with some modifications.

The only shortfall was the durability, but it was good to know that Team Associated is already making running changes to the arms, the gear boxes and more.

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