Top Remote Control Cars That Run On Gas

Remote control cars come with different ways of powering them – by electric batteries, nitro fuel or gasoline. Remote control cars that run on gas belong to special, larger RC cars that are not as common as the electric or nitro RC cars.

Driving remote control cars that run on gas also makes the driving experience more realistic, as they use the same or similar power source as real racing cars and the use of engines versus motors give gas-powered RC cars the sound, feel and even smell of a real racing car.

ModelRedcat Racing Rampage XTRedcat Racing Rampage MTLosi Monster Truck XLHPI Racing Savage XL
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Redcat Racing Rampage XTRedcat Racing Rampage MTLosi Monster Truck XLHPI Racing Savage XL

Pros of gas-powered RC cars

  • Realism of the car due to the sound, feel and smoke
  • No downtime due to the battery running out. Simply add more fuel to the fuel tank
  • Learn more mechanical skills such as engine tuning
  • Usually more water resistant than electric RC cars
  • Faster than brushed motor electric vehicle and some brushless electric if the engine is well tuned

Cons of gas-powered RC cars

  • Some RC tracks do not allow remote control cars that run on gas
  • Need more work to break in a gas-powered engine. More tuning and maintenance needed.
  • Cost of fuel can add up after a period of time
  • Produces fumes so you cannot drive indoors

Top Remote Control Cars That Run On Gas

Redcat Racing Rampage XT

Redcat Racing Rampage XTThe Redcat Rampage XT 1/5 scale monster truck is one the best and most popular RC vehicle by Redcat Racing. Similar to the Redcat Rampage XB, the Redcat Rampage XT comes with heavy duty, 4mm thick chassis, aluminum shock towers, and thick aluminum bottom plate reinforced by a hardened plastic roll cage.

Powered by a 30cc gas powered 2-stroke engine, the Redcat Rampage XT reaches 30mph with stock electronics. Each tank of gas gives you around 30 to 40 minutes of run time. The Redcat Rampage XT has decent climbing and jumping capabilities, so this is not the vehicle for those who wish to do some big air maneuvers and jumps.

Overall, the Redcat Rampage XT monster truck is not as durable as we would like it to be. The stock servo broke easily after several crashes and landings. You would want to also reinforce the suspension with denser shock oil and stiffer springs for better durability.

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Redcat Racing Rampage MT

Redcat Racing Rampage MTIf you are looking to spend a little more on a better Redcat Racing monster truck, then you would want to consider the Redcat Racing Rampage MT 1/5 monster truck .

This 4WD high powered beast runs on a mixture of unleaded gasoline and 2-stroke oil. It packs an enormous adrenaline-filled punch with a powerful 30cc HY gasoline engine that hits around 30mph out of the box.

The Redcat Racing Rampage MT features beefy yet lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, aluminum body oil filled shocks, generous 700 cc fuel tank capacity, oversized air filtration and 4 wheel adjustable camber/toe-in suspension.

In terms of durability, the Redcat Racing Rampage MT is of average durability. There were some problems with breakages such as the breaking of the rubber hose that connects the exhaust tube, a wheel fell off during a run, and the pins dislodged from the axle.

Overall, the Redcat Racing Rampage MT is a lot of fun to drive, but it is not the most durable monster truck in the market.

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Losi Monster Truck XL

Losi Monster Truck XLThe comes with a formidable Dynamite® 29cc gasoline engine and a 4WD system based on the Losi Desert Buggy XL, reaching 30+mph with stock settings.

With the 2.4GHz radio system with AVC Technology (Active Vehicle Control) and two authoritative large-scale steering servos, the Losi Monster Truck XL is easy to steer and control.

Overall, the quality of the Losi Monster Truck XL is good except for the bearings, which could be better for the price of this vehicle. If you’re committed to having lots of fun with a 1/5 scale monster truck with a large-scale radio-controlled rig, this may be the vehicle for you.

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HPI Racing Savage XL Octane

HPI Racing Savage XLThe [af_link id="706" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"]HPI Racing Savage XL Octane 1/8-scale gas powered monster truck first hit the market back in 2014. Featuring the 2.7hp GT15C 15cc 2-stroke engine, this monster truck reaches around 40mph with stock settings.

The turning on the HPI Racing Savage XL Octane is surprisingly effortless and easy, whether it was through foot tall grass, or loose dirt and gravel. The truck also jumps well and very straight, because the shocks were pretty beefy and a lot of the weight of the truck is in the rear end.

One thing to note is how loud this truck gets. This truck is obnoxiously loud and the sound level could cause problems at your local track or in your neighborhood.

Whether you are looking for off-road fun or on-road bashing, the HPI Racing Savage XL Octane is the monster truck for you.

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