The Best Traxxas RC Car For Beginners: Traxxas Stampede

Traxxas Stampede







Aftermarket Support





  • Great parts availability and aftermarket support
  • Pretty durable, except for the plastic drive shaft that broke easily.
  • Ability to make adjustments and upgrades


  • Poor quality plastic drive shafts
  • Tires do not perform well with upgraded brushless system
  • ESC and motor runs very hot
  • Does not come with an AC charger

The Traxxas Stampede is a 1/10 scale 4WD monster truck and it is definitely one of the best Traxxas RC cars in the market, if not the best Traxxas RC car for beginners.

It comes ready to run with included Traxxas 7-cell NiMH battery and charger, waterproof electronics so you can splash through water without any issues, TQ 2.4GHz Radio, a wheelie bar, front and rear shock guards, an optional high-speed pignon gear to chase the 60+ mph that is printed on the box, as well as a fairly decent tool kit which is great for beginners working on their first RC vehicle.

The Stampede is a great starter vehicle, but it also comes with many upgrade options. You can upgrade the Traxxas Stampede to be a 60+mph monster with the VXL Power-Up brushless system, and your truck can grow with you as you develop your driving skills.

best traxxas rc car for beginners Traxxas Stampede

Traxxas Stampede: The Best Traxxas RC Car For Beginners?

Personally, the Traxxas Stampede has its pros and cons. There were a few things that I really liked about the Traxxas Stampede, as well as a few issues that bothered me. As an RC vehicle for beginners, the Traxxas Stampede is a probably the best Traxxas RC car for beginners to start with – and I shall explain further.

best traxxas rc car for beginners Traxxas Stampede 1


Training mode on speed controller: Traxxas speed controllers have a “training mode” that limits the voltage the motor receives so you can drive slower and not bash a curb at nearly 30 mph. This is great for beginners and young drivers learning how to operate an RC vehicle.

Durability: This monster truck is pretty durable, except for the plastic drive shaft that broke easily.

Adjustability and Upgrades: You can make several adjustments to the Traxxas Stampede and upgrade the car as you improve your driving skills.


Plastic Drive Shafts: The plastic drive shafts have a poor quality and easily break. Using plastic drive shafts when running on LiPo batteries and brushless systems that are capable of pretty high speeds produce too much power for the plastic drive shafts to handle.

Tires: This is more applicable when you upgrade to a brushless system. With an upgraded brushless system, the stock tires will give you a little trouble on certain terrains, mainly off road, as they do not have a lot of grip as the rubber compound is too firm and the thread patterns are too shallow.

The tires also come with two holes on the inside rim, which you should seal those as they get water logged when you run them through water.

Electronics: While the steering servo is pretty decent and adequate for this truck, the ESC and motor run very hot regardless whether you are running 2S or 3S batteries. The ESC and motor belong better with a 2WD vehicle, but when you put them in a heavier 4WD vehicle,  the ESC and motor come under a lot more stress.

Traxxas Stampede Review


The Traxxas Stampede jumps well and lands well, however, the wheelie bar might prove to be a hindrance when you are jumping and bashing it off road. You would want to take the wheelie bar off to prevent it from breaking or popping open and getting in the way.


Out of the box, the Traxxas Stampede reaches 27.96mph on 2S and 40.38mph on 3S batteries. The optional high-speed pignon gear is supposed to help you reach 60mph, unfortunately, I was not able to reach that top speed of 60mph.


Overall, the Traxxas Stampede is pretty durable except for the drive shaft. There were no problems with breaking the a-arms or having the steering knuckles pop out or break. The center drive shaft even comes with a cover to provide the aluminum drive shaft from getting scuffed by rocks and debris.


Traxxas has a great parts support and a huge aftermarket support, so you can easily replace broken parts and upgrade your Traxxas Stampede. The Traxxas Stampede offers many adjustments, including adjustable links and adjustable points on the a-arms and shocks.


The Traxxas Stampede is one of the best Traxxas RC car for beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. The monster truck is ready to run out of the box, making it easy for beginners to pick up the RC hobby without a steep learning curve. The out of the box speed on a 2S battery is also fast enough to enjoy the fun of driving an RC vehicle, but slow enough not to cause any damage or wreck your new RC vehicle.

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