RC Car Tuning For An Inconsistent Track

How To: RC Car Tuning For An Inconsistent Track

What happens if you are racing on a track with different grips in different sections? Here’s a guide on RC car tuning for an inconsistent track.

RC car tuning for an inconsistent track

When you find that your car has a great grip in one section of the track but slides around in a different section of the track, it is likely due to an inconsistent track. So is there a way to tune your car perfectly for an inconsistent track?

The short answer is that you are probably unlikely to be able to tune the car to be dialed in every corner for an inconsistent track. Most pros tend to tune their cars for the spots where they can make up for with the most amount of speed on the track, and manage their cars the best they can in other spots.

Our recommendation is to tune the car so that it is easier to drive for the majority of the track, and just to be careful in the sections where it is hard to hang on to your car.


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