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Team Associated SC10B Buggy Review

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  • Great adjustability options
  • Fast and stable even at top speed
  • Good suspension system
  • Good durability


  • Servo is not that great
  • Brushless motor has slow torque
  • Stock tires do not perform well on race tracks

Team Associated SC10B Buggy Features

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The Team Associated SC10B is a 2WD short course RTR off-road buggy based off the popular multi-time R.O.A.R. National Champion SC10 short course truck. However, unlike the SC10, the SC10B short course buggy has a more race-like design.

Like other Team Associated RTRs, the stock electronics setup is familiar. A basic metal geared servo is used for the steering, and it is definitely not the fastest servo in the market. The Reedy 3300 KV brushless motor came with lots of speed but lacked torque, which resulted in overheating during races. If you are only able to replace one electronic for the SC10B, I would highly recommend upgrading the servo.

Team Associated SC10B 2This buggy has lots of adjustability options – there are 3 positions on the shock towers, 2 positions on the arms, and plenty more options.

The XP 2.4GHz radio system is pretty good for an RTR RC vehicle, and it has some nice features like the dual rate and throttle and steering trims.

The stock tires were considerably average, although the front tires were pretty lousy and the rear tires performed alright on race tracks. This was expected though, as RTR tires do not perform great on indoor racing surfaces. The stock tires do perform well on outdoor loamy tracks or for general bashing on fine dirt road.

Team Associated SC10B Review


The Team Associated SC10B buggy comes with with a good amount of suspension travel, making it perfect for rough surface and for jump landings.

The presence of new front a-arms slightly changed the front suspension geometry, thus increasing front traction and keeping the front end more planted to the ground, resulting in increased steering and cornering.

The ride height is adjustable by simply adding or removing plastic shock spacers, and the neutral suspension setup is good for bashing around the house and racing outdoors.


This buggy is amazingly fast yet stable even at a fast speed. The steering is great although I díd roll it a couple of times though. This buggy was made for racing, and the speed will not let you down.


Intended for racing, the plastics for the Team Associated SC10B are stiffer than say the Traxxas or RPM plastics, so it allows you to feel the car better and handle it better on a track. Overall, this is a pretty durable buggy with some weak links.

The front arms are weak, but if you are breaking many parts, you might be asking the car to do something that it wasn’t really intended to do. I ended up replacing the front arms with the RPM front arms for more durability.

The ball caps and links were pretty fragile, and several ball caps and links ended up being broken or stretched out. They can, and should, be replaced with the RPM versions for better durability.


The Team Associated SC10B short course buggy comes with lots of racing pedigree, is adjustable, and very fun to drive. If you are a basher, this buggy might not be the best RC vehicle for you, but if you are a racer, the SC10B is a lot of fun on the race tracks.

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