redcat terremoto 10 v2

Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 Brushless Electric Monster Truck Review

Redcat Racing Terremoto-10 V2





Aftermarket Support





  • Good acceleration with stock electronics
  • Good durability
  • Good steering system


  • Cheap and flimsy body
  • Poor aftermarket support and parts availability

Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 Features

redcat terremoto 10 v2 3The Redcat Racing Terremoto-10 V2 1/10 scale 4WD monster truck is based off the 1/8 scale Terremoto V2 monster truck, and it is actually larger than most other popular 1/10 RC vehicles.

It comes with a center mounted 7.4v 3200mAh Hexfly LIPO Battery, 2.4GHz Radio System, an electric brushless 3000KV motor (placed below the main structure of the chassis), brushless 60a waterproof ESC and aluminum oil filled long travel shocks.

redcat terremoto 10 v2 2

The Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 has a good ground clearance of 55mm, and the provided stock tires do perform well in all conditions, although at 3.4″ the stock wheel is larger than other 1/10 scale wheels which are usually 2.8″.

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Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 Reviews


Overall, the Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 has a good, but not great, durability.

Like other Redcat Racing vehicles, the body came with flaws in terms of its durability, which felt cheap and flimsy. I had a problem with the rear end of the SUV body constantly slamming down while performing back flips, and rear end body eventually cracked and broke. A quick easy fix to this would be to duct tape the body down before you take the truck out to run.

Other than the body, I also ended up breaking the bumper mounts after getting into several crashes.


For a monster truck, it seems pretty fast and hits around 35mph on 2S LiPo battery and around 45mph on a 3S LiPo battery, although it did not feel like it has enough torque.


The Redcat Racing Terremoto-10 V2 has a unique steering system which came a little loose out of the box. In general, the steering has a tight turning radius and there were no issues with getting it to go where I needed it to go.


Not many hobby stores carry Redcat Racing parts, so breaking a part might mean needing to wait for parts to arrive. You would want to keep a set of backup parts, for example an extra upper A-arm, extra body post and extra body pins.

As a fairly new model, there aren’t any upgrade parts available for it yet. Most aftermarket brands don’t make much for Redcat Racing vehicle, and Redcat themselves have yet to release any upgrade parts for the Terremoto-10 V2.


The Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 is a good RC vehicle for those who do not want to pay the high prices of a Traxxas or Losi, but still want to have a good RC vehicle that is pretty durable, relatively fast, and fun to drive.

While it is not as durable as the bigger brand names, nor does it have a good aftermarket support or parts availability, the Redcat Terremoto 10 V2 is only a fraction of the price you pay as compared to these big brands.

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