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Traxxas Bigfoot Review | 2WD 1/10 Monster Truck

Traxxas Bigfoot





Aftermarket Support





  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to find replacement parts and upgrades
  • Good speed especially for beginners
  • Great for performing wheelies


  • Comes with NiMH battery instead of LiPo
  • Stock battery ran hotter than expected

The Traxxas Bigfoot is a 1/10th Scale RC truck based on the original Bigfoot truck, an iconic truck in the world of trucks and off-roading. The modern body is based on the 22 year old Stampede chassis, and this RC truck is fast and tough as nails. We take the Traxxas Bigfoot out for a drive and here is the Traxxas Bigfoot review with its pros and cons.

Traxxas Bigfoot Features

traxxas bigfoot review 1The Traxxas Bigfoot is a Ready to Run 2WD monster truck and comes with everything included (except 4 AA batteries). As the Traxxas Bigfoot is based on the Stampede platform, it means that there are spares and tuning parts readily available should you break any parts or want an upgrade of speed or jumps.

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traxxas bigfoot review 2Underneath is the regular Stampede design with the blue bumpers and blue skidplates. This monster truck features the Titan® 12-Turn 550 Motor that gives it a speed of 30+ mph, XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control, Traxxas iD-equipped 7-cell Power Cell NiMH, TQ 2.4GHz Radio System, waterproof electronics, and huge “shaved” monster truck tires that feels soft and squishy.

Since this is based off the Stampede platform, it is very easy to upgrade the Traxxas Bigfoot to a brushless motor to make it go even faster. That said, you would probably want to add a wheelie bar if you plan on upgrading to a brushless motor.

traxxas bigfoot review 3The Traxxas Bigfoot comes with bushings at the wheels which some might complain that they aren’t as efficient as ball bearings. However, the plus side to having brushings instead of ball bearings is that if you do a lot of driving in water, the brushings will not lock solid after getting wet unlike ball bearings.

The stock wheels and tires comes with chevron tread which are great for grass and loamy soil, but not so much for pavement or other high-bite conditions. The lack of foam inserts do make the truck harder to drive in a straight line at high speed as the sidewalls start to flex, but the lack of inserts also means that you can drive the truck through water without worrying about the tires getting filled with water and getting heavy and out of balance.

Traxxas Bigfoot Review


This is a rock solid monster truck that just would not break. I was able to jump the Traxxas Bigfoot from 10 feet jumps without breaking a part. The plastic motor plate for the slipper shouldn’t hold up, but it never failed despite constantly jumping from high grounds and crashing at top speed.

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Just like the Traxxas Stampede, the Traxxas Bigfoot jumps with a little nose high, takes off straight and absorbs huge landings very well. The brushed power system also helps with bringing down the nose or raising it when needed.

The Traxxas Bigfoot comes with pretty decent shocks with plastic caps which may pop off after some jumps at some point, hence the plastic caps were upgraded to aluminum caps right out of the box.

Additionally, it has a really good ground clearance (4″) that lets you drive over obstacles easily.


The front shocks are a little underdamped which causes some excessive bouncing when tackling tough terrain. Due to the front bouncing around, it can be tough trying to keep it going straight on tough terrains. To counteract this, use slightly heavier front oil.

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Unlike the actual Bigfoot truck which is a 4WD, the Traxxas Bigfoot is a 2WD monster truck. The power is decent and it reaches 30+ mph with the stock motor and NiMH battery, which is considered fast for a beginner monster truck.

The stock servo might not be amazing fast, but it gets the job done and there are no complaints. The transition between reverse/to neutral/to forward is also smoothy done with the XL-5 ESC.


The Traxxas Bigfoot is made for off-road driving, but you can still have fun with on-road driving. Expect pop wheelies and enough power for on-road driving, but it does traction roll when cornered at speed. The monster truck also does well with grass due to its high ground clearance and the stock tires.

While it might not be the best handling truck in its class, it is still a lot of fun driving the Traxxas Bigfoot.


The Traxxas Bigfoot is a great first monster truck for beginners to bash around with. As a Ready to Run with everything fully assembled, you can start running outside your front lawn right out of the box. It is very durable and is great for jumping off some ramps without worrying about breaking any parts. And even if you do end up breaking any parts, you can easily find parts replacement as the Traxxas Bigfoot is based off the popular Stampede platform.

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