Traxxas Ford Raptor

Traxxas Ford Raptor Review

Traxxas Ford Raptor












  • Lands and soaks up jumps well
  • Great suspension
  • Handles well off-road, on-road and over grass
  • Easy to good air over jumps
  • Very durable with minimal broken parts


  • A little soft on the front suspension

Traxxas Ford Raptor Features

Traxxas Ford Raptor 1

The Traxxas Ford Raptor is an off-road Ready-to-Race powerhouse, and is one of the most scale realistic trucks Traxxas has ever released. The body is based on the award-winning Traxxas Slash, and features an injection molded grill, integrated front bumper, side mirrors and tailgate for scale realism.

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It reaches up to 30 mph stock, with its brushed Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified motor which can be upgraded to the brushless VXL package and XL-5 ESC combo. The Traxxas Ford Raptor features waterproof electronics for all-weather off-road adventure, and rugged independent suspension with long-travel oil-filled shocks.

Traxxas Ford Raptor 3The classic TQ 2.4GHz radio system comes with just the steering trim, which is all you need if you are looking for a quick bash.

If you are new to RC cars or still a novice, you might particularly like that the Traxxas Ford Raptor comes with the exclusive patented Training Mode which cuts power in half and leaves the brakes at full strength for new drivers.

Traxxas Ford Raptor 2The officially-licensed BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires provide versatile grip off-road and on asphalt. I am a fan of the stock tires which are soft enough to grip onto pavement, but hard enough to last a long time. This set of tires is extremely versatile and suits a wide variety of surfaces.

A 7-cell Power Cell NiMH battery pack and a 4-amp 12-volt DC fast charger are also included.

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Traxxas Ford Raptor Review


The Traxxas Ford Raptor is a well-built truck that not only looks stylish due to its injection molded plastic parts, but also came factory assembled without any fault.


This truck jumps easily and leans towards being “nose low”, although it wasn’t an issue during jumps. As it is a huge 2WD truck, it does land slightly slower on windier days, but this is the norm amongst every other big 2WD trucks. The Traxxas Ford Raptor lands well from a reasonable height and soaks up jump faces without any problems.

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The suspension on this truck is great. With the shock towers molded in a soft plastic and having quite a bit of flex, the Traxxas Ford Raptor is able to soak in both the larger and smaller bumps and jumps at full speed, although the front end had a little more bounce due to the softness.


While the Traxxas Ford Raptor is an off-road truck, it is still a blast driving it on-road. It does have a lot of chassis lean when driven on-road and does traction roll from time to time in corners, which inevitably allows the truck to find more traction on slippery/dusty pavement. In grass, the Traxxas Ford Raptor performed well due to its high chassis and well-gripped tires.


With the standard brushed motor and a max speed of 30 mph, the Traxxas Ford Raptor is fast enough to be interesting for long term drivers without being too difficult to handle for newbies, especially with the Training Mode feature.

It is fast enough to catch pretty good air over jumps, and while it is not the fastest RC truck on the market, it is fast and perfect for the casual bashing around.


Overall, the durability of the Traxxas Ford Raptor is great. With its thicker-than-usual body and bumper, the Raptor held up to beatings well. Not many parts were broken after multiple huge jumps and crashings, hence I was pretty impressed by its durability.


The Traxxas Ford Raptor is a great truck to get, whether it is your first truck or a new addition to your fleet of RC vehicles. It looks great with its sleek chassis, and handles very well with enough brushed power to keep it fun and interesting.

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