Redcat Racing Volcano 1/10 Truck Review

Redcat Racing Volcano







Aftermarket Support





  • One of the lowest prices for a hobby grade RC vehicle
  • Great customer support
  • Handles well both on-road and off-road
  • At 20 mph, the speed is just right for beginners and children


  • Expect parts to break
  • Parts might be hard to find as not every hobby shop carries Redcat Racing parts
  • Not the fastest RC vehicle

Redcat Racing Volcano Features

Redcat Racing volcano 1The Redcat Racing Volcano is a 1/10 scale entry level electric monster truck that comes ready to run. This 4WD monster truck features waterproof (note that it is more water resistant than waterproof) forward/reverse brushed ESC and servo, brushed 27T 540 motor, a 2.4GHz radio system, and aluminum capped oil-filled coil over shocks.

Redcat Racing volcano 2The Redcat Racing Volcano also comes with a stock charger and a 7.2v 2000mAh NiMh battery, however, the stock charger was of inferior quality and stopped working after a couple of uses. The stock battery does take a long time to charge (approximately 4 to 4.5 hours) and 15 to 20 minutes of run time, so you would want to either have a backup battery in case your battery runs out while you are out driving the truck or replace your stock charger with a speedier charger.

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As an entry level hobby grade RC truck, it is one of the best value RC vehicle in the market and great for RC beginners. The brushed motor does mean that it is less powerful than having a brushless motor, however, this also means that it is cheaper and easier for beginners to operate.

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Redcat Racing Volcano Review


Well suited for beginners learning how to control their first hobby grade RC car, the Redcat Racing Volcano hits a maximum of 20 mph. It might not be the fastest RC car in the market, but it is of the perfect speed for beginners.

If you are going to run NiMH batteries, I would recommend using at least a 3800 mAh NiMH battery . If you do upgrade to LiPO batteries, you would need to switch the ESC to LiPo mode by moving the jumper. This will enable the low voltage cutoff so you don’t end up ruining your LiPo battery.

Redcat Racing volcano 3


The truck does come with several vulnerable parts that are susceptible to breakage in crashes. The front suspension is very vulnerable, and neither the front bumper nor the body can protect the suspension from impact. An impact on the front wheels will also put stress on the steering knuckle and lower control arm.

After all the bashings and jumps we put this truck to, we ended up replacing a bent shock, a broken eyelet, a busted steering knuckle, a bent drive shaft, and a busted lower control arm.

Overall, the Redcat Racing does takes a beating for a while, but the stock parts will start breaking after some abuse. Our recommendation is to get the Hop Up Kit which replaces all the plastic parts with anodized aluminum ones.

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Hop Up Kit


The Redcat Racing Volcano handles pretty well on uneven terrain and is able to maintain speed and stability on such terrains, thanks to its four-wheel drive, large grippy wheels, and high clearance.

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Aftermarket Support

Since the Redcat Racing Volcano is not the most durable RC truck you’ll find, chances are you’ll be needing replacement or upgrade parts soon. In general, Redcat Racing parts are not as easy to find as Traxxas or Losi parts as some hobby shops do not carry their parts.

However, Redcat Racing does provide great customer service online and they quickly ship out replacement parts for free if your warranty is valid.


If you are a beginner to RC cars or you are looking to buy a RC vehicle for a child, the Redcat Racing Volcano is a good option. It might not be the most durable RC vehicle in the market nor is it the fastest, however, it is a lot of fun at an exceptionally low price. Just be prepared to replace the stock charger and battery, and expect some parts to break.

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