Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E

Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E Review


  • Pretty durable and holds up even after lots of bashings and falls
  • Great suspension
  • Pretty fast with stock 2S LiPo battery


  • Weak steering servo that needs to be replaced

Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E Features

Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E 1

The Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E is a 4WD 1/10 scale brushless electric buggy that comes with pretty beefy oil-filled Big Bore Shocks, a rugged and well-balanced chassis, forward and reverse transmission and a 2.4GHz radio. It is ready to run out of the box, and comes stock with a 3200mAh 2S LiPo battery and a charger.

The shocks are one of the key highlights of the Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E. I love how enormous these plastic shocks are on both the front and rear shock towers.

The stock tires are pretty stiff and agressive, making them great for bashing. The wheels and tires are a little bigger than the usual 1/10 scale buggies wheels and tires.

Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E Review


We are 5 months into owning and bashing around the Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E and so far it has held up pretty well despite numorous crashes and bad landings. The body comes rather thick, and has held up without cracking.

The chassis is also a multi-piece chassis, so if you do end up breaking the front or the rear chassis, you do not have to replace the entire chassis.

The only issue I had with this buggy is the steering servo. The steering servo is pretty weak as the gears can’t seem to handle the power.


The Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E hits around 50+ mph with stock right out of the box. Since the motor is rather small, replacing the 2S battery with a 3S battery should work well too, although I did not try replacing it with a 3S LiPo battery.


This is where the beefy shocks come into place. Landing from 10ft and higher is never a problem with the Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E, because these massive shocks and huge tires absorbs the fall very well.

Aftermarket and Support

Thankfully, this Redcat Racing buggy is a lot more durable than other Redcat Racing vehicles I’ve played with. Hence, I haven’t had the need yet to purchase any replacement parts. In general, Redcat Racing parts are not as easy to find as Traxxas or Losi parts as some hobby shops do not carry their parts.


The Redcat Racing Caldera XB 10E is a good RC buggy that is pretty durable, especially comparing it with other Redcat Racing RC vehicles. It might be a little too fast for beginners with the stock LiPo battery, but overall this 1/10 scale electric buggy is a lot of fun to play with.

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