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Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR Review

Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer V2







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  • Well made
  • Does well for everything
  • Great value for money


  • Friction roll at speed on firmer surfaces
  • Front chassis breaks easily
  • The speed shift servo which is not always factory set correctly

Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR Features

Vaterra Twin Hammers 1


The Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer RTR V2 is a great all round 1/10 scale RC vehicle made to take on the world’s most grueling trails.

Based on a full-scale rock racer, the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer is engineered to look, and perform just like the real thing. Just like the full-scale rock racers, the chassis has long-travel suspension with a solid rear axle, which comes in handy when your Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer is crawling through rock-filled ravines or blasting across the flats.

The Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer also comes with adjustable oil-filled aluminum coil-over shocks, Spektrum DX4C 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, two-speed transmission that allows you to drop it into low gear when crawling over rocks and then shifting back into high gear when you reach the other side, and you can run it through water since the electronics are waterproof.

It is the perfect RC vehicle for first time RC vehicle owners and those new to the world of RC, as it is an all-rounder RC vehicle that does everything sufficiently good. The Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer will probably never be a crowd drawer simply because it does not do anything exceptional, however, the ability to upgrade this vehicle makes it more appealing to experienced RC drivers.

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Vaterra Twin Hammers RTR Review

Vaterra Twin Hammers 2


Unlike the version 1 of the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer which struggled off road, I found the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer easy to handle whether I am climbing over a pile of rocks, drifting, jumping from high grounds, racing, or just bashing it around.

Version 2 comes with improved turning with the right amount of steering now and it doesn’t easily traction roll like it did in version 1. However, on firmer surfaces such as roads and lawns, you would need to pay more attention during cornering to avoid having it top over.

The Vaterra Twin Hammers is made to excel in rock climbing, hence you should leave the setup as is out of the box if you are planning on doing lots of rock climbing. It also jumps better than expected, in fact even better than a crawler.

To race the Vaterra Twin Hammers around the backyard or on clay track, you would want to install the optional sway bar to minimise the friction role and lessening the chances of tipping over.


The stock Dynamite 2S 7.4V 2000mAh LiPo battery gives you about 15 minutes of run time and a top speed of 16 mph.

With a 15 turn brushed motor, you are not going to get a lot of power, but the Vaterra Twin Hammers isn’t built for speed. The stock Dynamite 15-turn brushed motor and the Dynamite Tazer 12T ESC can both be upgraded to brushless for faster power.


This is a well-made and durable RC vehicle by Vaterra. The suspension works well to absorb all kinds of impact from different heights, although with its low speed, you probably won’t be getting into much trouble with crashes and high jumps.

The only thing that broke was the front chassis top plate which is made of plastic and should be replaced with aluminum as soon as you can. It broke from a jump off a moderately low height that never affected other RC vehicles I owned, hence the front chassis top plate is definitely not as durable as it should be.

Aftermarket and Support

There are many modifications available for the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Racer, and it is easy to find modification and replacement parts for relatively cheap prices too. I would recommend replacing the vulnerable plastic parts with aluminum parts, such as the front chassis top plate and the wheel hex nuts.


If you are looking for a RC vehicle for rock climbing or a all-rounder that is able to offer you an equal amount of fun on-road and off-road, then the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Climber V2 RTR is the RC vehicle for you. Great for both beginners and advanced drivers, the Vaterra Twin Hammers does offer a great value for the price it commands.

However, if you prefer to build your own and use metal parts and brushless ESC and motor from the get go, then you would want to consider the kit version of the Vaterra Twin Hammers Rock Climber.

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