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Redcat Racing Shredder XTE Review

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  • Great price point for the value you get
  • Jumps and flies very well
  • Great layout and easy to work on


  • Truck does not land well
  • Wires could be shorter
  • Does not have great speed

After a 2 years hiatus, the Redcat Racing Shredder series of 1/6 scale vehicles is back stronger and more competitive than ever before, with bigger tires, bigger shocks, and many other enhancements.

Most large scale brushless vehicles are at least double the Shredder price, which makes it easier for most RC enthusiasts to experience the true fun of a large scale vehicle.

Redcat Racing Shredder XTE 1/6 Features

This version 2 of the Redcat Racing Shredder is an improvement from the version 1 that came out about 6 years ago. Version 1 had problems with bent drive shafts, underbuilt shocks, and the tires weren’t great. With this version, Redcat Racing has really stepped up their game as far as durability, graphics, and body quality go.

The Redcat Racing Shredder is a 1/6 scale 4WD RC truck that comes with a Redcat 1300 KV electric brushless Motor, 3mm aluminum chassis, Hexfly HX-15S servo, aluminum cap oil-filled big bore shocks, Hobbywing 80amp brushless ESC, and a 2.4ghz radio system. The Hexfly HX-15S servo is not fast, but it is very reliable.

Redcat Racing Shredder 2

The layout of the Redcat Racing Shredder is a huge pro – it is laid out in a simple but functional way that makes it one of the easiest RC vehicles to work on.

I really liked how the motor comes with a heatsink on it which helps to pull a lot of the heat out and away from the motor.

Redcat Racing Shredder 1

The pinon comes with a steel gear and it is a 5mm shaft, which is bigger than the standard 3mm shaft. It also comes with a center diff, which is great on bigger trucks since it unloads the power from back to front and front to back.

A little gripe I have would be the wiring that go from the speed controller motor could be a little shorter by rearranging things a little, as the longer the wires get, the more resistance and hotter they get.

The tires are 17mm which will allow you to replace with the standard Pro-Line tires – and you would want to. The stock tires lose traction at higher power, making it difficult to turn under power. The tire also balloons under power as the tires roll in behind the wheel rim.

The RCR 2CE 2.4ghz radio system is a generic radio system, but it does come with steering reverse, throttle reverse, steering trim and throttle trim.

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Redcat Racing Shredder XTE Review


The Redcat Racing Shredder is a pretty durable RC vehicle, however, I did break the upper a-arm. The upper a-arm was a weak point on the threads, and it broke after the car flipped from taking a high speed wheel landing. Surprisingly, the wing did not break as it also took several tumbles.

It is also nice to note that the Redcat Racing Shredder’s differentials are from the 8e and the Caldera series, which are known for their durability.

The driveshafts which were notorious for blowing up in version 1 have been beefed up, as well as the lower arms, the turnbuckles (which also comes with a polished steering link that is typically a popular upgrade that we put in 8th and 10th scale vehicles), and the center driveshafts in this newest version.


The Redcat Racing Shredder only comes 4S capable, and the max speed clocked around 40 mph. At high speed, the long wheel base and width provide a great stability.

If you are looking for more speed, the chassis and suspension will easily hold an upgraded ESC or an ESC-motor combo. However, if you are looking to run 6S batteries, then you might want to look at the Yeti instead because the stock motor is unlikely to take it.


On a high grip surface like grass, the Redcat Racing Shredder really pushes through quite aggressively, and it does not turn as sharp as the wheels might suggest that it is going to turn. Hence, you would need to let off the throttle slightly, get into the turn, and then get back on to the throttle and power off.


The Redcat Racing Shredder flies – this is probably one of the best RC vehicles for jumping. It is easy to control the vehicle in the air, the balance is amazing, and it flies nice and predictable in the air.

It is a huge plus that the Redcat Racing Shredder does well in the air, because it can easily get disastrous due to its sheer weight and size.


Unfortunately, the Redcat Racing Shredder does not land as well as hoped. The big bore shocks are the same shocks that they run in the 8th scale Redcat Racing Terremoto , and they simply do not absorb landings well. The suspension and the shocks are not up to par as compared to how good the Redcat Racing Shredder flies.

Aftermarket and Support

One of the biggest cons about owning a Redcat Racing vehicle is that Redcat parts are expensive. However, their customer support is pretty amazing and if you break any parts within the warranty period, they will ship the replacement part to you with no questions asked.


At this price point, the Redcat Racing Shredder helps people get into the larger scale RC since other similar scale vehicles cost twice as much or more.

The Redcat Racing Shredder has a great value, especially since it comes brushless, has pretty good electronics, and just the sheer size of it. With this price point, you can easily upgrade the parts without feeling the pinch.

Outside of a couple small flaws, the Redcat Racing Shredder is a pretty awesome truck. You are not going to have a huge problem with this truck, it is priced amazingly low for its size, and it is a good RC truck out of the box.

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