HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion Review


  • Flies very well for a 2WD monster truck
  • ESC/Motor combo keeps the center of gravity down
  • Speed with 2S LiPo is pretty fast
  • Stock tires perform well on different types of surfaces


  • ESC/Motor combo makes it difficult to modify
  • HPI parts are difficult to find
  • Has a tendency to traction roll on pavement

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion Features

HPI Racing’s new Jumpshot MT Fuzion 2WD electric monster truck comes ready to run right out of the box. Pitted against existing strong players such as the Traxxas Stampede and ARRMA Granite, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion faces some tough competition.

The HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 1/10 scale monster truck comes with a Plazma 7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH battery but is 2S LiPo compatible, and it also features a powerful and efficient 540-sized FLUX brushless motor and ESC combo (the ESC is inside the motor can). Also included is a TF-40 2.4GHz transmitter, oil filled plastic shocks, and a TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) style chassis.

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 2

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 5The aluminum twin verticle plate chassis is extremely durable and held up despite numerous bashings, and having the TVP meant there is a need for a bottom load battery tray, which can be difficult to maneuver and secure at times.

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 3

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 4

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 6The spur gear is plastic and it comes with a steel pignon gear, and there is plastic body threaded shocks so you can adjust your ride height that way.

The stock tires are moulded from a fairly soft type of rubber compound and has nothing particular to shout about, but they do perform well on different types of surfaces. The tires grip well on high bite surfaces and the big tires lets the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion drive through rough terrains at faster speed.

HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion 1The stock remote has a lot of adjustments such as reverse switches in the front, and it has a really good range. This is a nice all-round ready to run transmitter.

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HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion Review


Generally, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion held up pretty well. The body feels a little on the thin side but it holds up pretty well except for a minor damage in the back. The body does start to show some serious wear after several hard bashings and wheelies, but this is not unexpected. The motor did get looser but that was something I expected hence it wasn’t too big of a problem. That said, the spur gear did tear up a little when the motor came loose.


Depending on whether you end up using the stock NiMH battery or a 2S LiPo battery, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion will perform very differently.

With the stock NiMH battery power, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion runs at a lower power and it is easy to drive (top speed 25 mph). Switch over to a 2S LiPo battery and the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion instantly comes to life. The 2S LiPo battery allows the truck to perform massive wheelies and accelerate from a dead stop.

The Flux Fuzion power system also boosts the power and there were no glitching during runs.


The HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion is easy to handle, especially while jumping or on rough terrains. It also did a great job going through tall grass, thanks to its big tires and powerful brushless motor. On-road, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion would traction roll when turned quickly, just like every other monster truck on the market. Wheelies aren’t possible on the stock NiMH battery but swap it with a 2S LiPo and you’ll be able to pop off a wheelie anytime.


Being a little light in the front, the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion plants well in corner entry but you will need to stay light on the trigger finger in corner exits in order to keep the front wheels going where you want them to.

There is a tendency to traction roll on pavement when turning hard, but we did not encounter such a problem when turning on dirt.


If you love jumping, you’ll love the HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion. The truck comes with a powerful power system that allows you to make mid-air corrections and take off straight. The HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion does jump a bit nose high, so lightly tap the brake during take off.


The big tires help with rough conditions at fast speed, even though it is a little damped in the front. The front does have a little excess of bouncing, but the rear assists in absorbing the impact of rough terrains.

Aftermarket and Support

This is the biggest con of owing an HPI vehicle. Depending on where you are, HPI Jumpshot MT parts availability might not be easily found in your local hobby stores. HPI parts are difficult to find, but with that said, you can also find parts online but expect to factor in time for delivery.


The HPI Jumpshot MT Fuzion is a lot of fun to drive and packs in a lot of value for the price. This monster truck is great for power runs over rough terrains and for popping wheelies on 2S LiPo. It is easy to handle, and has a lot of power when driven on a LiPo battery. Whether you are a seasoned basher or a newbie to RC cars, you’ll find that this monster truck packs a lot of fun and has a great value.

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