Losi Rock Rey

Losi Rock Rey Full Review


  • Extremely durable
  • Great handling
  • Great shocks. Lands huge jumps with no problems
  • Great looks with additional scale features


  • Modular body panel system makes it time-consuming to work on the RC
  • Plastic servo horn breaks easily
  • Some heat issue with the Dynamite setup
  • Stock ties are too big and the foams are too soft

The Losi Rock Rey is trying to be the king of the bashers. We review and see what it can do.

Losi Rock Rey Features

Losi Rock Rey 6

The Losi Rock Rey is a 1/10 scale 4WD electric buggy and it is definitely a rock racer. Out of the box, the Rock Rey comes with pretty much all to get you started on day one. All you need in addition is a 2S or 3S LiPo battery with an EC3® connector plug. We chose the Reaction 5000mAh 50C 3S LiPo battery .

reaction 5000mah 50c ec3The most notable thing about the Losi Rock Rey is its looks. It just looks cool and Losi has really combined the performance aspect to a scale rig. With the scale rig comes a lot of really cool features, including a functioning light bar, a radiator system, scaled drivers, and all of the bells and whistles you would want to see in a scaled rig.

Losi Rock Rey 8

Losi Rock Rey 9

Besides a killer look, the Losi Rock Rey also comes with a killer system. The Losi Rock Rey is powered by a Dynamite FuzeTM 2800Kv brushless motor and a 3S capable waterproof 130A ESC. One thing to note is that the access to the servo is hindered by the many screws to get into the chassis in order to work on anything on the inside – so patience is needed.

With scale features like the Lose Rock Rey has, it does have a pretty complicated system, which makes it a hassle to get the body panels off. You have 16 screws in total – 4 on the roof, 4 on the hood, and 4 on each side. But with that also comes retaining washers – hence in total you will have 16 screws and 32 washers to keep track of everytime you take the body off.

Losi Rock Rey 2

For the size of the Losi Rock Rey, the shocks might be a little undersized – they are the old school 1/10 scale shocks. However, the suspension works great although we immediately replaced the stock turnbuckles with titanium turnbuckles.

Losi Rock Rey 10

The Spektrum DX2E 2.4Ghz remote has all the features needed for a RTR radio, including built-in AVC® technology (Active Vehicle Control) which helps you keep the vehicle straight if you are new to RC racing, having trouble controlling the vehicle, or when you are driving in places where the wheels want to go in a different direction. You will either love or hate the AVC® technology, but it is customisable and you can either increase or decrease (or completely turn off) the AVC with your controller.

Losi Rock Rey 7

The stock tires are huge – perhaps too huge for this buggy. The foams could be stiffer especially when running as a 3S buggy and the tires could possibly be shorter. The tires are one of the tallest tires in the 2.2 class. It also tends to roll over quite easily when turning.

On the rocks, this tires seem amazing because of their softness. However, for speed and rock racing, they are not the best tires to use.

Losi Rock Rey 5

The stock servo doesn’t work as good as it should, hence we would recommend upgrading the servo. The servo horn is plastic while the servo is made of metal and it was stripped out on day one.

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Losi Rock Rey Review


Bashing is all about bashing your vehicle, jump stuff, running over things – basically trying to push your vehicle to the limits and hope it doesn’t break. And the Losi Rock Rey does a good job of not breaking. Thanks to the tried-and-tested chassis that was used also for the Losi Baja Rey, the 3mm aluminum chassis is ready for destruction. In addition, the solid rear axle, the independent wheel suspension, and the semi soft plastic makes it a good basher.

The only thing that failed was the plastic servo horn that stripped out under the power of the servo. The servo is pretty well-equipped with a pretty good torque, and with that torque, it just tore through the soft plastic and rendered the buggy unusable until it was replaced.

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On a 3S LiPo battery, the Losi Rock Rey is a powerhouse. The maximum speed we hit was around 40mph on a 3S LiPo battery. However, it has a tendency to cog under low RPM stress when you are trying to manouver through something and the tires are gripping, and it won’t move until you pull the throttle.


This buggy jumps, handles, corners amazingly well. The solid arms really improved the handling but also gave an extra edge on durability on those arms.


The suspension on the Losi Rock Rey works great – whether you are jumping and landing it or driving it through dry creek bed. An independent front suspension and a solid rear axle has proven to be a great combination and can drive beautiful.

The Losi Rock Rey has a load of suspension and the stock setup was absolutely perfect for our local bash spot.


Great for bashing and not that good for racing, the Losi Rock Rey is a tough basher that will withstand the abuse you throw at it. We love the Losi Rock Rey – it has the looks, the size, the durability, the scale features, the power system, the aluminum chassis, the handling and supension is on par – there is a ton of features and benefits in this Losi Rock Rey.

This is a solid rig out of the box and only requires a few minor replacement. We would definitely recommend getting this buggy. That said, we would recommend the Losi Rock Rey to seasoned hobbyist who wants a relatively all purpose vehicle, because if something goes wrong with this buggy, you will need to know what you are doing when you start taking apart this buggy as there are several different sizes of hardware and has many components involved.

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